Trump Makes Huge, Unexpected Announcement Just Hours Before Inauguration


President-elect Donald Trump has almost completed his “Day One” team of cabinet officials. This morning, just hours before the inauguration, Vice President-elect Mike Pence announced that former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue has been named as Trump’s choice for secretary of agriculture.

With that, the entire cabinet is complete, and the transition team’s duties will now be transferred to the White House personnel department. Pence said they’ve received more than 80,000 resumes for the 4,000 positions that need to be filled.

Pence thanked the transition team for its efforts and said “one thing you know when you see a box turtle on a fence post is he had help getting there.”

He also noted that in true Trump fashion, the transition was completed on schedule and under budget and will return 20 percent of budget to U.S. Treasury.

The final pick for the cabinet, Perdue, is a onetime veterinarian who was elected in 2003 as Georgia’s first Republican governor since Reconstruction. He campaigned heavily for Mr. Trump in the final months of the presidential race, although he had initially backed a rival, former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas.

Mr. Perdue was among the first candidates Mr. Trump interviewed for the post, but the president-elect’s team debated whether it would be better off choosing someone from a different part of the country or selecting an ethnic minority to balance out an overwhelmingly white, male and wealthy cabinet.

As expected, environmental activists condemned Mr. Trump’s choice, saying that Mr. Perdue, who once ran a grain and fertilizer business, had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal farm subsidies, helping chemical companies and large agriculture conglomerates at the expense of small farmers and the environment, reports Allen B. West.

Trump did surprise us all, as we’re anxious being only hours away from the big moment. However, the challenges are yet to come, but we have faith that our new President will tackle them all in no time.


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