FAKE NEWS ALERT: Liberal Media Lying About Low Attendance On Trump’s Inauguration


The liberal media were desperately trying to comfort themselves by creating fake news, lying about how many fewer people had packed into the National Mall in Washington, DC for President Trump’s inauguration and comparing it to the 2009 inauguration of former President Obama.

They tried to manipulate the public by sharing photos on social media that showed far fewer attendees for Trump.

What they purposefully left our of their “reporting” was that violent anti-Trump protesters were trying to prevent as many Trump supporters as they can from attending the inauguration.

At John Marshall Park’s checkpoint, there were Black Lives Matter protesters – chanting ‘Shut it down’. Five men chained themselves together, preventing anyone from passing and forcing police officers to redirect attendees to other entrances.

“It feels great that we closed the checkpoint,” said 28-year-old Aaron Goggans, one of the organisers. “But we know this is just the beginning.”

At the 10th and E streets in downtown Washington, protesters blocked the entrance to another checkpoint.

A group of women tied themselves together with purple yarn and sat on the ground to in order to stop people from passing through.

This was just a failed liberals attempt to create the impression that very few Americans actually support Trump as president. And the liberal mainstream media ate it up.

But at the end of the day, they all have to return to their homes and face the reality that Trump IS our president, and THEIR president. And they, with their fake news, can do nothing about it.

However, they managed to piss-off some of Trump supporters who were trying to actually attend the inauguration, reports Conservative Post.


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