Kellyanne Conway Smashed ‘Drama Queen’ Chuck Todd With A Huge Rhetorical Bombshell! [VIDEO]


Kellyanne Conway destroyed Chuck Todd for acting like a ‘drama queen’ on ‘Meet The Press’ Sunday.

During the interview, Todd asked her to explain why press secretary Sean Spicer was sent out Saturday to ‘litigate’ the crowd size issue.

“The fact that 29, 30 million women voted for Donald Trump for president. They should be respected, somebody should cover their voices as well,” Kellyanne said. “I’m about things that are quantifiable and important. I don’t think, ultimately, presidents are judged by crowd sizes at their inauguration, I think they’re judged by their accomplishments.”

“On this matter of crowd size, I think it’s a symbol for the fair and incomplete treatment that this president often receives,” she continued.

Watch the full interview:

Todd then accused her on not addressing why Spicer came out.

“You did not answer the question. Why did the president send out his press secretary, who’s not just the spokesperson for Donald Trump, he also serves as the spokesperson for all of America at times, he speaks for all of the country at times,” Todd said. “Why put him out there for the very first time in front of that podium to utter a provable falsehood? It’s a small thing, but the first time he confronts the public, it’s a falsehood?”

And that’s when Conway let him have it.

“Chuck, I mean, if we’re going to keep referring to our press secretary in those types of terms, I think that we’re going to have to rethink our relationship here. I want to have a great, open relationship with our press, but look what happened the day before. Talking about falsehoods. We allowed the press to come into the Oval Office and witness President Trump signing executive orders.”

“What happens almost immediately? A falsehood is told about removing the bust of Martin Luther King Jr from the Oval Office.”

Conway was referring to Time Magazine reporter Zeke Miller incorrectly stating that the bust had been removed from the Oval Office, reports The Daily Caller.

Todd tried to interrupt, causing a contentious back-and-forth.

“That, no. That is just flat out false,” she snapped.

“And it was corrected immediately,” he replied.

“Chuck. Why was it said in the first place. Chuck?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted.

“Oh, no no no no. That reporter was writing on behalf of the press pool,” she said.

“Excuse me. It does not excuse, and you did not answer the question. You did not not answer the question of why the president asked the White House press secretary to come out in front of the podium for the first time and utter a falsehood,” Todd said. “Why did he do that? It undermines the credibility of the entire White House press office on day one.”

“Don’t be so overly dramatic about it Chuck,” she silenced him.


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