Look What Happened To Obama Day After Trump Took over the Power, JUSTICE IS SERVED!


Now that Donald Trump is our president it is time for Barack Obama to vanish and let Trump drain the swamp.

A day after the inauguration Obama was spotted getting back from his workout at Palm Springs, all in deep thought , escorted by the smallest motorcade he had in years reports truthmonitor.

He chose to spend his days playing golf and having workouts at the gym at Thunderbird Country Club in Exclusive Rancho Mirage.

Obama was looking tired and in heavy contemplation as he was brought home escorted by the secret service.

Obama will be protected by the secret service  during his lifetime . It was his deed , signing a bill which will assure all future presidents receive 24×7 protection from the secret service during their entire lives. Previously the law allowed presidents to receive Secret Service protection for ten years after they left office.