Melania And Ivanka Trump Surprised The Public With The Most Amazing News


After President Trump’s amazing start of his presidency, his wife and daughter also have some great news to share. According to a recent poll, 47% of voters have a positive opinion of Melania Trump and just 32% have an unfavorable view of the First Lady, meaning that her favorability has rebounded since the Republican National Convention. Ivanka Trump’s favorability is down a point,  with the polls showing a positive impression on 49% of voters while only 30% of voters view her in a negative light.

Both Melania and Ivanka had very active roles during the recent campaign, giving their unreserved support which had great influence on President Trump’s victory.  While Melania is currently going to be residing in New York until Barron finishes his school year, Ivanka will stand right by her father and will have a prominent role in the new administration.

“While most have formed their opinion on Donald Trump, about 20 percent of voters still haven’t made up their mind about the First Lady and First Daughter,” said Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder. “That leaves open an opportunity for Ivanka and Melania to refine their public personas over the next few months as the new administration gets underway.”

Additionally, 51% of Americans polled hope that Melania will have a major role in President Trump’s White House and 45% want his daughter Ivanka to be actively involved in the administration, reports Truth Monitor.

Ivanka has always had a huge impact on her father’s decisions and was a crucial adviser during the campaign. Her husband Jared Kushner already joined the administration as an unpaid adviser and has begun the important job of brokering a peace deal between Israel and Palestine.

We’re thrilled to hear these awesome news, and wish them all the best!


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