Picture Of Melania Trump Frowing At The Inauguration Is Going Viral, Here’s The Truth Behind It


It seems that the social media vultures only live for moments like these. Ever since United States’ President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on January 20, people have been sharing several instances from the event. First, everyone wanted to be part of the conversation about former First Lady Michelle Obama’s expression when she received a Tiffany’s gift box from First Lady Melania Trump. And it seems a new clip has now caught their fancy, going viral with the speed of light. This time, it’s Melania’s expression that people can’t seem to get over.

Pictures of Melania Trump frowning while on stage at her husband’s inauguration last Friday is getting viral on the Internet, but what most people don’t know is that there’s a reason for the first lady’s solemn expression.

In the short clip that circled the net, Melania smiles when Donald Trump turns around and says something to her, but her smile vanishes and her face becomes very serious right after he turns back around to face the crowd. However, as Mary Katherine Ham at the Federalist smartly points out, it’s because Rev. Franklin Graham took the stage and began his prayer, reports The Daily Caller.

Melania smiles when he says, “Mr. President, in the Bible, rain is a sign of God’s blessing. And it started to rain, Mr. President, when you came to the platform.”

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

Then, appropriately, she gets serious when Graham moves on to, “And it’s my prayer that God will bless you, your family, your administration, and may He bless America.”

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

The moment happens around the 2:52:05 mark.


No matter how hard the sour liberals try to spin it, no one can deny that Melania looked pretty darn happy throughout the whole inauguration day.


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