Adorable: Theodore, Ivanka Trump’s Baby Boy Crawled For The Very First Time in The White House (VIDEO)


President’s Daughter Ivanka Trump just shared a video on Instagram of her 10-month-old son Theodore crawling for the very first time.

Theodore’s first crawl is in the White House. How awesome is that ?

“There were so many incredible milestones this past weekend — including one for baby Theodore who crawled for the very first time in the White House!” Ivanka wrote on Instagram.
In the video, Ivanka’s 5-year-old daughter is coaxing baby Theodore along with encouragement.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have three children, Arabella and two sons, 3-year-old Joseph and baby Theodore.

Arabella is an extremely talented kid, her video speaking Mandarin and reciting poetry went viral in China Last year.

FoxNews reports that Ivanka and her family moved to their D.C home Monday.

Blair House, DC #latergram

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