Trump’s Election Boosts Economy for $2 TRILLION! Investors Feel Safe!


Stephen Moore , the economist who once wrote for The Wall Street Journal, now a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said that the stock market gained about $2 Trillion in wealth since Trump’s election in November.

“I don’t think there is any question the 10 percent rise in the stock market since the Election Day is in large part a Trump rally,” he said Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “Risk & Reward with Dierdre Bolton,” guest-hosted by Elizabeth MacDonald.

“Some of the investors were worried whether Trump would be able to do the things he said he was going to do. Now, they are seeing it firsthand.”

Executive Actions that Trump made, freezing federal hiring, rolling back Obamacare , restarting the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipeline projects made investors believe in Trump’s plans for making America First, and made them better and secure.

“One of the reasons the Democrats lost this election is they stopped worrying about the things that American hard-hat union members care about,” . “They care about jobs and income.”

According to Rasmussen Reports, the majority of the voters supported cutting regulations, slashing federal spending to boost the economy reports conservative tribune.

We can see that by the President’s approval rating that has skyrocketed to a high of 59 percent.

The American people did not feel like being “sacrificed at the altar of (liberals’) radical climate-change agenda.” said Moore.

Watch the interview:

To be honest , this doesn’t mean the stock market will translate to tangible gains, but it strongly suggests that our nation is on the right path.