Sweden Took 162,000 Refugees – Guess HOW MANY OF THEM Land Jobs and Earned For a Living?


According to leftist, in their utopia United states should open our homes ,and let strangers to flood in so we can be thier savior and give ’em a chance to be upstanding citizens they want to be.

But that’s not how it works. Let’s see how’s that working in other parts of the world.

Let’s see how the utopia worked out in Sweden.

Sweden took 162,000 refugees in 2015. According to official government figures, 494 ” asylum seekers” managed to land a job.

To be eligible to work , refugees must have a valid ID and have never been rejected for asylum from another country.

The ones , that “couldn’t” work are now in the system and using up the precious resources they don’t pay for. Leeches !

“There was an incredible amount of people who applied for asylum in Sweden, and for us to be able to register everyone we had to disregard certain areas, and employment was one of them. We do what we’ve been told to do.” The Swedish immigration office stated.
Now they are changing existing laws to accommodate the influx and force the migrants to work and earn their stay there.

This is also the case with Germany. Their government created “one-euro jobs” where refugees worked for less than $3 per hour.

Do we want tens of thousands refugees spending millions of taxpayer money to survive in a system that can’t employ them ?

A very few will find their way in the system but thousands other will become dependent on the system and the government and than become Democratic voters.

Was this the plan all along ?