TRUMP FURIOUS: Obama Pledged to Import The “Next Boston Bombers” from Australia!!!


President Trump has an interesting phone call with Australian Prime Minister Turnbull.

The main subject of the conversation was the fact that the Obama administration made an agreement and promised to the Australian Government to resettle up to 1,250 refugees held by Australia into the United States.

The Guardian reports that President Trump got furious about that.

After a short 25 minute conversation , president trump said that this was the worst of his round of phone calls with world leaders taht day.

Trump tweeted that the deal Obama made with Turnbull was a DUMB DEAL!


HE pledged to study the the agreement, which forced a public response by the Australian PM. Talking on public radio he stated that

he had a personal commitment from the president “confirmed several times now by the [US] government”.

“We have a clear commitment from the president,” Turnbull told Melbourne radio station 3AW. “We expect that the commitment will continue.”

However, a source from the department who knows the deal i depth said that it is over , “It’s over. It can’t survive … it was never going to survive Trump’s immigration ban.”

Trump’s fury was mainly toward Former President Obama rather than Australian Prime Minister.

He may still honor it, if only for the inner deal-broker within him to extract a few favors in return from the Turnbull Government.

Or, as businessman Trump once famously put it himself:

“If somebody screws you, screw them back in spades.”

Leaders the world over — beware.


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