Robert De Niro Receives Terrible News After Bashing Trump In Public


Hollywood liberals keep making threats they want towards President Donald Trump, without even considering the effect and admitting zero consequences. This week, however, one of them learned that it all comes to an end. Robert De Niro appeared on The View this week to discuss his new film The Comedian. Expectedly, the topic of the conversation was quickly switched to politics as the wise-a** Joy Behar asked De Niro about his pre-election threat to punch Trump in the face. De Niro had no intention of apologizing for the disturbing threat. Instead, he repeated it.

“I said that because he said that about somebody, that he would like to punch them in the face,” he said. “How dare he say that to the crowd? How dare he say the things he does? Of course I want to punch him in the face.”

After that, he tried to defend himself by claiming that Trump is a bully who deserves it, reports Truth Monitor.

“It was only a symbolic thing, anyway. It wasn’t like I was going to go find him and punch him in the face,” the actor said. “But he’s got to hear it. He’s got to hear that, you know, that’s how he makes people feel. It’s not good to feel that way. It’s not good to start that stuff up, but at the same time sometimes when people are bullies like that, that’s what you have to do to shut them up. Bully them back.”

However, the damage couldn’t have been repaired, and many patriots took to Twitter to let De Niro know that he shouldn’t have said that:


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