Rosie O’Donnell Sealed Her Own Destiny With Her Latest VILE Attack On Trump’s Supporters


Rosie O’Donnell has been obsessed with President Donald Trump for over a decade, and she still can’t make peace with the fact that he WON the November election. Since then, Rosie has been throwing everything she can get at Trump, desperately trying to delegitimize him and get Americans to turn on him.

On Friday, Rosie took things even further when she tried to target Trump’s fans with a vile tweet in which she accused the President of PAYING people to support him. However, she immediately regret her actions, learning that messing with Trump supporters is NEVER a good idea!

She wrote: “Trump pays all his “fans” to show up at his events – EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS FAKE #resist,” reports Truth Monitor.

Trump supporters took to Twitter to tell Rosie to shut her mouth full of lies:


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