Trump Strikes Again With $450 BILLION A-Bomb On U.S. Economy, Making Obama WEEP!


President Donald Trump has already done so much for this country and its economy, including his latest $10 billion deal with Toyota.

One of his biggest achievements are, of course, the commitment from Elon Musk and his Tesla and SpaceX corporations, as well as the overriding fact that Trump has pumped a massive $2 TRILLION worth of wealth back into the stock market.

And he’s not stopping.

Shortly after his victory in the presidential election, Japan announced their excitement about working with the U.S. Trump had a meeting with the CEO of Japan’s SoftBank, who plans on investing $50 billion into our economy, creating 50,000 jobs in the process.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is also expected to visit the White House on Feb. 10, in order to announce even bigger job investments in America – worth astonishing $450 billion.

That means at least another 700,000 jobs.

Japan is supposed to invest in infrastructure projects, as well as in robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber technology, space and even in aspects of the United States’ defense, reports Red White And Right.

When you add that to the display-making plant investment of over $7 billion previously announced by Foxconn…


All these investments will make citizens less reliant on the government. It’s like the old saying: “Give a man a fish, and you teach him to rely on handouts. Teach a man to fish, and you teach him to support himself.”

Well, Obama and Democrats prefer the first scenario. Trump and Republicans prefer the second. And it’s the second we’re getting, in the form of thousands of jobs. That’s what we voted for.

Really, is there any doubt at all that Trump has already done so much more for America’s economy than Obama? Have you SEEN the total numbers tallied before President Trump even entered office?


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