Lady Gaga Ruins Liberals’ Plan To Trash Trump At SuperBowl Halftime Show…Now They Want Revenge!


Lady Gaga’s performance on Super Bowl LI was the most anticipated event these days. Everyone, including both liberals and conservatives expected some sort of a political statement, mostly because prior to the show, the pop superstar indicated that she wants to send a message.

“I have an opportunity with this performance to show a different part of this country that those who think that they are so different from me and my fans — to see that our hearts are really the same,” she told Michael Strahan in an interview Sunday.

“It’s like the mecca for performers. We have 13 minutes with the world,” she added.

Well, she DID make a statement and sent a message, but it surprised everyone. Her statement was about America, and her message was one of unity.

She opened her performance with parts of “God Bless America” and “This Land Is Your Land.”

The singer was praised for her choice to leave out politics by everyone, except for the liberals, who immediately chastised her for failing to go on a Trump bashing exercise.

The Los Angeles Times said she had “missed her chance to say something profound.”

People on social media even called for a ‘revenge’, suggesting a boycott of Lady Gaga:

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Some went the other way and tried to spin her singing of “This Land is Your Land” and make it seem like an attack on Trump, reports Young Conservatives.

But most were applauding her for proving she’s a patriot who showed respect to her country and then delivered a nearly flawless Super Bowl halftime show.