REPORT On Trump’s First Illegal Immigrant Deportation Raid!


Trump is realizing his campaign promises, one step at a time. Regarding one of them, here’s the report on the first illegal immigrant deportation operation:

The Trump administration, in collaboration with Immigration & Customs Enforcement in Austin, Texas have begun the first round of undocumented immigrant deportations.

According to the Immigrant Services Network of Austin, ICE has reportedly deployed four teams of five to 10 officers in Travis County, in order to lodge detainers for any foreign-born individual in a county jail. They are also arresting people who have criminal warrants or outstanding orders of removal, reports The Truth Division.

These news have put Democrats in panic mode.

A local city councilman, Greg Casar, is even trying to find a way to inform illegal immigrants of their ability to call a “deportation crisis hotline” if provoked by ICE, as well as distributing “Know Your Rights” pamphlets to those concerned.

“Regardless of whether or not the raids are occurring this week, we believe such assaults on our community are imminent given the anti-immigrant hate of our federal administration,” said Casar. “Trump and his allies will do everything they can to divide Americans, invoke fear in vulnerable neighborhoods, and demonize an entire community of people. For this reason, we are sharing know-your-rights materials with our constituents in District 4.”

Let’s get something straight: if ICE is in Austin, it is for the reasons stated in the first part of this article – either lodging detainers, or detaining and arresting people who have criminal warrants or outstanding orders of removal. So those who are here legally, or have not committed a crime, have nothing to worry about. The activists are only trying to scare the public and turn them against the Governor and the President. The reason the sanctuary cities are an issue is because these cities give sanctuary to the criminals. They refuse to cooperate with ICE when they have criminals in their custody. After they have served their time, they are being released back in the community, instead of being turned over to ICE for deportation.


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