This SuperBowl Ad Could Not Be Aired Before The End Of The Game, And The Reason Will Bring You To Tears


The Super Bowl has always been a great opportunity for companies to promote themselves and place their ads. While competing to gain more attention, some of them even slipped in political agenda messages, such as the Audi commercial pushing the fictitious gender pay gap.

On the other side of the river of terrible attempts, there was Hyundai’s incredible ad, dedicated to soldiers who were unable to be home with their families.

Amazingly, the ad used real moments from the big game, that’s why it couldn’t be aired until the end of the game. That means there had to be capturing and editing footage on the spot while the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were still battling for the NFL championship.

The even more unbelievable moment was that Hyundai made it possible for American soldiers to watch the Super Bowl with the ones they love the most.

Among all the other ads who were focused solely on the company’s product, Hyundai choose to concentrate on the most important thing: those who protect and sacrifice for us, so that we’re able to enjoy the Super Bowl peacefully in our homes with our loved ones, writes Young Conservatives.

This is the most amazing and wonderful gesture, and it deserves the greatest respect.

Everyone agreed that this was the best ad of the night!


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