Hollywood Lunatics Are Planning A Sick Scheme For The Oscars To Protest Trump’s Ban


Hollywood lunatics have really lost their mind. After the terribly failed attempts to undermine Trump’s presidency, ‘revolutionary’ speeches and violent riots, they are now considering cancelling the Oscars in a way of protesting President Trump.

Are they really unaware that this just shows how obsessed they are with this whole Donald Trump thing?

Apparently, a writer at Vox came up with a new way to “stick it” to Donald Trump.

It’s so befuddling how they think that canceling the biggest liberal pat on the back fest ever would harm Trump in any way…

The only one affected by canceling the Oscars would be the out of touch celebrities.

Liberals are considering this as “a proposal that will unite Americans across the political spectrum,” reports GOP The Daily Dose. Vox’s Todd VanDerWerff wrote that Hollywood should cancel its upcoming Oscars broadcast if it wants to put teeth into its opposition to Donald Trump and his policies:

“President Donald Trump’s new immigration order — the one many have labeled a “Muslim ban” because it temporarily bars entry to the US for natives of seven Muslim-majority countries — stops people associated with various Oscar-nominated films from attending the 2017 Academy Awards. That’s just one reason the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should cancel its annual ceremony and instead announce the winners via press release.”

“True, it’s just one reason. The others are that it’s interminable, self-congratulatory, and has less suspense than a Patriots-Browns game in December. That self-congratulatory quality comes out most strongly, in fact, when award winners devote their speeches to detailing just how awful they think Republicans are.”

According to VanDerWerff, Hollywood needs to put its money where it’s mouth is:

“The Oscars have become semi-famous for speeches calling for political action. But speeches ultimately don’t risk all that much, because the people delivering them are speaking to a room full of mostly friendly, well-off liberals. Canceling the ceremony altogether would be a bolder and more appropriate act of protest.”

Let’s see how long will it take for liberals to understand that this is probably their worst idea ever!


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