What Happened to Melania’s Staff Costs Proves She Is A Hundred Times Better First Lady Than Michelle


Among the many campaign promises he made were President Donald Trump’s plans on how to cut costs that came together with the White House. And he’s realizing them, one at a time, with the latest one being his wife’s staff.

Melania Trump has so far officially named Lindsay Reynolds as her chief of staff and hired a social secretary that will take care of her ventures and events in the future.

Reynolds will monitor operations in the White House East Wing, where the office of the First Lady are usually located.

“I am putting together a professional and highly-experienced team which will take time to do properly,” said the First Lady in a statement. “I am excited to be organizing and bringing together such a dynamic and forward thinking group of individuals who will work together to make our country better for everyone.”

Reynolds has more than 14 years of experience, working in political fundraising and event management. She also worked in the White House under the former GOP president George W. Bush’s administration.

“I look forward to the opportunity to serve as the first lady’s chief of staff,” Reynolds stated. “The First Lady is thoughtfully selecting her team, establishing the office of the first lady and supporting her husband President Trump.”

Now, as a First Lady, Melania will mostly focus on stopping cyber-bullying – a plan that is yet to be put into practice.

However, previous First Ladies, including Michelle Obama, had their team composed long before their husbands’ inaugurations, reports Conservative Post.

On his first day in office, Trump implemented a hiring freeze for the entire federal government except the military to fulfill his campaign pledge regarding the country’s savings, meaning that he only allowed for the military to employ staffers if needed in order to save some taxpayer money.


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