Ivanka Trump Keeps Showing The Liberal Bullying Can’t Get To Her – Check Out The Details


Ivanka Trump is a strong, passionate, accomplished woman. That is probably one of the main reasons why liberals have been bullying her non-stop, accusing her for her father’s views. This is not only hypocritical but it also proves that liberals care more about ideology than accomplishment, about political policies, rather than personal goals.

Before Ivanka became First Daughter, she was a successful business woman whose clothing and accessory lines were sold at various outlets nationwide.

Until her father took office, distributors seems satisfied with her merchandise. Now, however, Nordstrom, Belk, ShopStyle, Home Shopping Network and TJ Maxx, pulled Ivanka’s lines from their shelves, citing poor sales, presumably a post-election drop.

Each retail store that has dropped Ivanka Trump’s line claims to have done so due to declining sales, but it’s clear as a day that the liberal threats and propaganda have ‘poisoned’ this business branch.

The point is – Ivanka should not be punished for her father’s views. After all, out of all Trump’s children, she’s not the most politically conservative, pushing her father to the left on LGBT issues. (There’s even rumor she helped stop an executive order that would have reversed LGBT workplace protections.)

Nepotism, if that’s how liberals view her White House presence, may be frustrating, but all administrations, Republican and Democrat, participate in that. Remember the Clintons?

Even when the First Daughter seems to be doing all the right things, she’s being accused by the liberals of doing something wrong. This week Ivanka, who often tweets or posts pictures on Instagram of private moments, tweeted a photo of herself taking a call in the White House while holding her young son. She didn’t even mention politics, and still, she was subjected to backlash and vitriol.

Comedian Ilana Glazer responded:

Another issue to tackle is – why feminists aren’t applauding Ivanka Trump with a standing ovation every time she tweets or grants an interview? She’s everything they advocate: Hard-working, articulate, entrepreneur, mom, wife, and more. Despite being the daughter of a wealthy business man, she has earned some things fair and square, like an economics degree from the Wharton School of Finance. She has even spoken at the “Most Powerful Women Summit” in Washington, reports Conservative Review.

This proves that feminism is actually about ideology that advances liberal thought. Ivanka does that less than the average feminist (and more than the average conservative!), and yet other than bullying, she’s being constantly mocked, ridiculed, and devalued. No one can deny that she’s a perfectly fine role model for young women. She’s worked hard, enjoys a solid career, and seems to be a dedicated wife and mother.

All of this silly quibbling and blatant hypocrisy is one of the reasons why Trump garnered so many votes – people got tired of the liberal hypocrisy and their bullying.


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