JUST IN: Hillary Rodham Clinton Gets BAD News – IT’S HAPPENING…

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton greets supporters after casting her vote in Chappaqua, New York on November 8, 2016. After an exhausting, wild, bitter, and sometimes sordid campaign, Americans finally began voting Tuesday for a new president: either the billionaire populist Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, seeking to become the first woman to win the White House. / AFP PHOTO / EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZEDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images

The latest events have even made liberals turn their backs on Hillary Clinton. People who once supported her are now furious at her after the pharmaceutical company that partnered up with the Clinton Foundation has increased the price of a life saving drug.

Spencer Williamson, President and CEO of Kaleo Pharmaceuticals, has raised the price of the two-pack of Evzio which is often used to treat serious life-threatening overdoses of opioid related drugs. Williamson disappointed and enraged the world, increasing the price by a whopping 680% over the course of three years.

This led to thirty-one Democratic senators to come together and write a letter demanding answers from Williamson about the price hike.

“We are deeply concerned about reports that Kaleo dramatically increased the cost of its naloxone injector device, Evzio, an FDA approved medication used for the emergency treatment of an opioid overdoes – from $690 for a two pack in 2014 to $4,500 today,” the letter sent from the senators to Williamson read. “This drug is now in the hands of first responders and families struggling with substance use disorder across the country. It is particularly needed in rural areas where access to life-saving emergency services can be limited. Such a steep rise in the cost of this drug threatens to price-out families and communities that depend on naloxone to save lives.”

The Senators demand release details about the pricing structure of Evzio and documentation which will explain why the company decided to change it. They also want to see the total amount that Evzio has received in reimbursements over the last 12 months, reports Truth Monitor.

When Williamson announced the partnership with Clinton in January of 2015 at the fourth annual Health Matters Activation Summit, they claimed that their goal is to try to make the drug more affordable.

“Spencer Williamson, CEO of Kaleo, announced an agreement with the Kaleo pharmaceutical company to make EVZIO® (naloxone HCl injection) Auto-injector, an emergency treatment for opioid overdose, available at a bulk discount to colleges and universities, public safety organizations and community organizers,” read the Clinton Foundation press release regarding the partnership. “This agreement is a part of CHMI’s efforts to ensure that there is a predictable and affordable supply of Naloxone, a life-saving opioid suppressant that can reverse opioid caused overdoses.”

Finally, even Democrats have seen how corrupt and ruthless Clinton really is. It’s just extremely sad that such thing needed to happen to make people open their eyes and see the ugly truth.


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