The Moment Bernie Sanders Calls CNN ‘Fake News’, They Cut Off His Interview


Former Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett Friday night. During the interview, he made a joke about the network placing fake news, after which he immediately got cut off.

The awkward moment happened when Burnett played a clip of President Donald Trump denying knowledge of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s alleged talks with a Russian ambassador.

“Well I don’t know. Maybe he [Trump] was watching CNN fake news,” Bernie said, probably attempting to mock Trump, then asked, “What do you think?”

The Senator tried to make things right by explaining that “It was a joke!” to Burnett, who looked completely befuddled, but it was too late, he was already cut off.

“Erin? Are we on?” Bernie asked.

“It looks like we’ve lost… connection with Senator Sanders,” Burnett attempted to recover.

While the interview was resumed after a commercial break, it was deleted from CNN’s “entire interview” upload.

Looks like Sanders hit the ‘soft spot’, since the network has strongly objected to the term “fake news” in the past.

Watch the whole situation:

President Trump didn’t let this one slip, so he accused CNN of intentionally silencing Sanders for questioning the network, reports Anonews.

‘While on FAKE NEWS @CNN, Bernie Sanders was cut off for using the term fake news to describe the network. They said technical difficulties!’ he tweeted on Sunday morning.

It seems President Donald Trump’s continual mocking of the “fake news” outlet has worn liberals down to the point they can’t even take a joke. Or maybe they’re just too self-conscious and aware of how FAKE they are, so they can’t accept that other can see it?


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