Three Muslim Brothers Hired By Obama Were Caught Spying On Trump And Stealing Top Secret Terror Files


As his presidency was coming to its inevitable end, Obama made some very questionable hires that had people shaking their heads. Among these, were three Muslim brothers.

These brothers, Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were highly overpaid, getting at least $160,000. Despite the fact that one of them had a criminal background, Obama hired them without any questions or checking. And not only that – the brothers were accessing computers without the authority to do so, and may have seen classified information.

After being caught stealing top secret files, and possibly even funneling information from the House of Representatives onto an external server, they are under investigation for possible ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The individuals are also suspected of theft and the overpricing of computer equipment. The three brothers, and the wife of Imran, made around $160,000 a year as information technology employees of the House, reports Viral Liberty.

Despite being paid quite a bit of money, their financial activity is suspicious and it includes mortgage transfers and evading debt with bankruptcy. Abid was a million dollars in debt after a failed business venture, through which it is believed he stole money and vehicles.

Reportedly, he was running this business while he was working for Congress, which seems hard to believe. He has been on the payroll of the government for years, but despite his failed illicit business, he was still able to be an employee of Congress.

This is a huge omission, and no one else but the Obama administration is responsible. Instead of arresting these people who were obviously doing many illicit acts, Obama looked the other way, all because of his soft-spot for Muslims.


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