The Attacks On Ivanka Trump Just Can’t Seem To End – Actress Condemns Ivanka Trump For Posting THIS Picture, Then Gets A Nasty Surprise


The vicious attacks on President’s daughter Ivanka Trump haven’t stopped. Liberals keep picking on the First Daughter for ridiculous reasons, such as looking classy of even taking her role as a mother. They even managed to spit poison for this touching picture as well.

Actress and co-star of Broad City Ilana Glazer ferociously attacked Ivanka Trump for no valid reason. Glaser condemned Ivanka after she posted a picture of herself and her infant son, saying she was making a mockery of women who work, reports Right Patriots.

Many of you probably haven’t even heard much about Broad City, and even less about a certain Ilana Glaser. So, according to the Google search results, the ‘show’ is an unpleasant comedy about careless druggys who revel in a hedonist lifestyle. And regarding Glaser, we really want to know who gave her the right to call herself a ‘comedian’.

Aren’t you supposed to be funny in order to call yourself that way?

Check out this tweet, you be the judge:

Jim Treacher from The Daily Caller gave this hater a piece of his mind:

“I don’t particularly care about department stores dropping her clothing line, however stupid and petulant their reasons may be. But what the hell is wrong with her posting a pic with her infant son? How is that making a mockery of anybody?

It can’t be a feminism thing. Most feminists aren’t that crazy, right?


For eight years, the First Family got a pass. And rightly so. You can hate Trump all you want, and Ivanka’s role in his administration is fair game. But leave her kids out of it. Show some basic decency, for God’s sake.

Oh wait, I forgot… They’re Democrats!”

Well Said, Jim. We couldn’t agree more.


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