On His First Day Sessions Turns To Obama’s Praised Transgender Restroom Law


It was such a short time until  Sessions was confirmed as the new Attorney General  and he already started  showing off, working on disassembling  the terrible orders  of Obama.

“Less than 48 hours after his confirmation, Sessions’s DOJ made it clear the agency was under new management by refusing to defend the controversial order to let students of both sexes use any locker room, shower, or restroom they want.”
Sessions, who has been a senator since 1997, will replace acting Attorney General Dana Boente. The acting Attorney General before her was Sally Yates, who got fired by the Trump administration at the end of January for refusing to comply with Trump’s executive immigration order.

His first decision has been to eliminate the  transgender bathrooms which were allowing grown men go to the bathroom with girls and women. This is one of the laws that Obama introduced, reports Conservative Brief.

The new assigned Attorney General has shown some signs of moving away from Obama’s cabinet decision – that transgender students  are encouraged to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with.

“If you thought President Trump hit the ground running, you should see Jeff Sessions. The new attorney general was probably still unpacking his office when he got to work turning the page at the Justice Department after eight years of scandal. First up? The Obama bathroom mandate for public schools.”


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