Vox Tried To Push Liberal Agenda By Asking For Obamacare ‘Success” Stories. It Backlashed Immediately!!


Vox is the known giggle deliver and they did it again!   They tweeted about  their search for successful stories from the not-so-smart  medical policy of Obamacare. As expected, things didn’t go so well as, neither as they wanted it.

The liberal publication got the opposite – flood of stories emphasizing the skyrocketing premium costs and health care insurance loss, reports Louder With Crowder.

“The ACA essentially saved my life,” said a Vox reader as an answer to their question.
Vox tweeted, “Tell us how the Affordable Care Act has impacted your life”.

Twitter users reacted with sharing stories that had a more negative highlight. Some of them freely acknowledged that Obamacare made their premiums “skyrocket.”

These are some of the mentioned responses:


While it is really entertaining to see leftists inadvertently own themselves, still we have angry feelings towards the people out there who got really screwed over by Barry’s purposefully awful idea. The regular folks has been lied to, and they received only the opposite of what they were promised.

After all this, leftists are still in wonder and have no clue why they lost the elections They can keep on wondering until they really figure out what was done to the people!


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