After Ivanka Left The White House Yesterday Everyone Spotted This One AMAZING Thing


Being part of the First Family surely comes with its ups and its downs, meaning you have to be prepared for both being praised as well as being criticized for almost anything, including the way you look. While we can all agree that everyone has a different fashion sense, but it’s important to know how to dress properly for the occasion and look stunning. Speaking of styles, the President’s daughter, Ivanka, always steals the attention. Even liberals would admit that everywhere she goes, she gets noticed. She may have had her line dropped by some ‘blackmailed’ stores, but the First Daughter has proved she knows how to look amazing.

Every time Ivanka made a public appearance, she surprised reporters, and each time it was a pleasant one. Ivanka is a powerful woman, and that power is mirrored in her looks and her impeccable style. If you browse through Ivanka’s photos, one thing will be clear for sure – there isn’t a single bad photo of Ivanka Trump. She looks absolutely brilliant in each one of them, and her outfit lets the world know that she is a strong and successful woman.

She didn’t fail to show that today too. Ivanka caught everyone’s attention during her way to the Marine One for her flight to South Carolina. Her long white coat was one of the most elegant things Ivanka ever wore. She was accompanied by her husband Jared Kushner, and let’s be honest, you could see in his eyes how proud he is of his incredible wife. The couple walked graciously towards their plane and people couldn’t take their eyes off them.

After this, there is no doubt that every fashion guru in America was left with their mouth open.

President Donald Trump was accompanied with his grandchildren as he headed towards the plane as well, reports World Politicus.

He may have now become the President, but for these adorable children, he’ll always be ‘grandpa’!


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