Lowe’s Just Gave The “Biggest Middle Finger” To Muslims, You’ll Cheer!


This is something that can make you smile today.

Home improvement chain Lowe’s was a sponsor of a show  called “All American Muslims”, going on TLC. You are probably wondering why would they even sponsor that show. Well, mainly because they were thinking that it would improve the business investment if they include a group of people that they previously hadn’t.  America has spoken and now Lowe’s as well.

The show was so bad and barely watched by someone watched. American’s are not so keen on a show that is supported by the terrorist supporting organization “CAIR” . Neither are they interested in seeing something that seems to be  politically correct, but trying to portray radical muslims in a positive light, reports Yes I’m right. We all think and know what’s better, so Lowe’shas finally dropped them!


Ratings dropped  quickly for TLC’s (The Learning Channel) show, All­American Muslims. This  show was supported by the terrorism­linked Council on American­Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other pro­-islammic organizations.It was portraying active Muslim families, who are strict followers of their faith, as a peaceful  and lovable community. Nevertheless, Americans are not into and do not want to watch such politically correct nonsense.

Due to the declined rating Lowe’s decided to give up as a sponsor!

Of course a Christian organization is the reason for a good ending. That  happend  thank to  Christian organizations, such as the Family Florida Association helping !  That is just great!

And more important, while the Council on American­Islamic Relations (CAIR) is angry over the decision by Lowe’s to pull their sponsorship from “All­American Muslim,” conservative groups, such as the Florida Family Association, have already offered their support.


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