BREAKING: Trump’s Sec. of State JUST GAVE THE BOOT to Every Hillary And Obama Person At The State Department!! THIS IS HUGE!


This is Huge!

Trump’s team is finally in place and making some big changes.
Rex Tillerson, acting Secretary of State started cleaning up the house at State Department.

CIA, FBI and NSA are up next!

Most People that were fired worked at the seventh floor, and that’s where all the big shots work. And they are all out now. Regardless the position they were at they are done, the President made sure of that.

Great job Rex! We were waiting on this for so long. Now , the President should start cleaning the White House also, to make sure that there’s no leak.

As a leader, he should be protected under many layers of secrecy and professionalism and that’s why we haveto stop the leaking . Trump Team needs to unite all federal government and focus on campaign promises.

HE has been stabbed in the back on daily basis and we need to get rid of all the traitors before it’s too late.

President Trump will make sure of that.

Are you ready for a government that actually cares for you ?

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