FAKE NEWS ALERT: You Won’t Believe What The Liberal Media MADE UP About President Trump!


President Trump held a rally in Florida on Saturday in front of thousands of his cheering fans.

During his speech President Trump referenced the terrible situation all over the world due to the tremendous influx of refugees. He pointed out many countries, including France, Germany and Sweden.

The liberal mainstream media, in lack of real information, decided to knit their web of lies and fake news all over again. They immediately accused President Trump of falsely stating that there was a terrorist attack in Sweden.

Liberals obviously think we are all deaf and blind and unable to actually SEE and HEAR what Trump said.

He never said such thing. The media made it all up.

Here is what President Trump actually said:

President Trump was simply talking about the refugee crisis happening worldwide. He mentioned Sweden because they’ve accepted so many immigrants, without thinking about the consequences and the problems these immigrants will cause. He was just trying to warn about what will happen here as well if we don’t take matters into our own hands. All he wants is to keep this country safe. And we’re sure he will.

Of course, CNN couldn’t miss the opportunity to lead the charges against President Trump.

Anti-Trump host John Oliver also lashed out at the President, reports The Gateway Pundit.

It’s just sickening to watch all these mind-games and attempts to manipulate the public by misquoting. Hello?! We can all see the video! We know you are lying!


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