Major Sanctuary City DOWN! Look Who Just Surrendered To President Trump!


One of President Trump’s most important campaign promises was that that throughout his presidency, among his top priorities would be the extermination of sanctuary cities. And he has just begun realizing that promise. On Friday, the first sanctuary city has surrendered as a result of the threats about withholding the funds.

As reported, Miami-Dade County upheld commissioners Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s order to drop the county’s status as a sanctuary city with 9-3 votes.

Miami-Dade is the only U.S. county where more than half the population is non-American. Their decision comes after President Donald Trump vowed to eliminate federal funding to these so-called sanctuary cities.

Judge Alex Ferrer discussed the groundbreaking vote and explained that there will be more cities to follow this ‘pattern’.

“It’s a harbinger of what’s gonna [sic] happen across the country as cities are denied the money that they depend on for their budgets and for their special projects,” said Ferrer, a former Miami-Dade County circuit judge.

According to him, President Trump is responsible and plays a direct role in this situation since he is the one that started the desperately needed change.

Sanctuary cities are not only shelters to criminals, but they also impose billions in cost to taxpayers – an information that has been kept secret from the public and shielded from political accountability.

Annually, the taxpayer’s costs supersede $14 Billion nationally, over $1 billion in California and Texas and over $100 million in over a dozen states, reports Liberty Writers News.

That’s what President Trump is trying to stop – the wasteful spending. But more importantly, he is trying to save American lives and restore the safety in our country.


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