It’s ON! What President Trump Just Ordered Has Illegal Immigrants On PANIC Mode!


President Trump has officially declared that it is open season on illegal immigrants! This means that anyone who is in this country illegally can be deported at this point. Besides criminals, ICE will now be targeting immigrants that have not been convicted of a crime as well.

United States’ privacy laws don’t protect illegal Immigrants anymore, so border officers can now detain migrants until deportation is completed. These memos are based on Trump’s executive orders and are now being reviewed. The memos have been approved by the Secretary of Homeland Security – John Kelly.

Reminder – Trump promised a new immigration order:

“We will be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country. You will be seeing that sometime next week,” Trump said at a news conference Friday.

This probably means that Trump is considering issuing a new travel ban executive order, as the President condemned a “disgraceful decision” by an appeal court to block his original order banning entry to the United States by refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

Trump said during a surprise visit with reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Florida from Washington that he was considering “a brand new order” that could be issued as soon as Monday or Tuesday if the administration decides to move in that direction.

“You said that you’re going to win this court battle against the immigration and travel ban…,” asked one of the reporters as President Trump and the First Lady Melania were boarding Air Force One.

“We’ll win that battle,” responded Trump. “But we also have a lot of other options, including just filing a brand new order…”

Regarding the new security measures he announced, the President said, “We’re going to have very, very strong vetting, I call that ‘extreme vetting’, and we’re going to have very strong security in our country. We are going to have people coming into our country that want to be here for good reasons.”

Donald Trump is simply doing what Obama and George W. Bush promised to do but couldn’t. The only thing that is in place still is that DACA is here to stay, meaning that children that were brought to the US illegally are still in place, reports Liberty Writers News.

In case you’re wondering what an I.C.E. raid is like, you can watch this video below:


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