WOW! Trump’s VISIONARY New Executive Order Helps The Black Community More Than Obama Did In 8 Years! Liberals Stunned!


In the past few weeks a lot was going on for those Trump haters, who have been organizing  protests  in all the bigger cities in the country.  The liberal snowflakes claim to have different reasons to dislike our president, but still one of the main reasons for all the hate towards Trump is his “racism” appointed to the black community.

Our president is not so racist as they say, because he has not done anything racist concerning  African Americans. It seems like that is of no importance, as they love to be disturbed about this matter.

Today, President Trump introduced a new Executive Order that made them speechless.

“President Donald Trump’s administration is looking at ways to ease the regulatory burden on historically black colleges and funnel more money to them through an executive order that is in the early stages of preparation.”

Trump engaged two Howard University grads to work on the executive order, a Historically black college, reports Liberty Writers News.

President Trump doesn’t stand up for racism and his supporters knew that all along.  He is a good person and being called racist isn’t something he can take easily.

“I think at its core these charges of being racist, I think they really bother him,”a person close to the administration’s outreach told, “I think there’s a sincerity to engage.

In spite of President Barack Obama claiming that race relations in the country have improved under his governing, the opposite was true. Trump made a promise during his campaign to help the inner cities and to restore the image of peace on the streets, something that was shaken because of the wrongdoings  of Obama.

It is just amazing that  Donald Trump just did  a lot more for helping the black community in 3 weeks than Obama have done in 8 years!



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