First Lady Melania Makes MAJOR Announcement, Gets Michelle Obama Humiliated!


During Obama’s sham of a presidency, Michelle Obama  was enjoying the benefits and has spent millions of  dollars – from our tax money, for funding vacations for herself and the daughters.  Despite this, Melania Trump does not have intention of throwing away our tax money, that we have earned hard, on her own style and pleasure.

Donald and Melania Trump have officially claimed that they will pay their vacations with their own money, instead of our tax dollars. Additionally, Melania also stated that she won’t hire a single person that is not really crucial to her as First Lady.

“I am putting together a professional and highly-experienced team which will take time to do properly,” Melania said. “I am excited to be organizing and bringing together such a dynamic and forward thinking group of individuals who will work together to make our country better for everyone.”

There is such a big difference from Michelle’s approach to the job, as she was prone to wasting the tax dollars on hiring an enormous number of staff for herself just so she could feel powerful and pleased.

This came out after few days ago the president defended his wife, saying the mainstream media has treated her “so unfairly”, reports Mr. Conservative.

“I think that Melania’s going to be outstanding,” said Trump. “She – like others that she’s working with – feel very, very strongly about women’s issues, women’s difficulties. She’s a very, very strong advocate. I think she’s a great representative for this country.”



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