POLL: Do You Like Mike Pence As Vice President?


We can all agree that not only Trump’s win was a great surprise, but he comes as a major refreshment after all these years of wrong people ruling America. Trump is a strong, decisive leader that America hasn’t have since Ronald Reagan. Our new President-elect starts his battle against not only harmful foreign politics sided with our corrupt politicians, but also against spineless lobbyists and liberal mainstream media’s sabotage and manipulation. And he has Vice-President-elect Mike Pence on his side to fight all of them.

Mike Pence was definitely the best possible choice for our new President Donald Trump’s right hand. We’ve been dealing with all kinds of idiotic controversy by the liberal media who were trying to discredit Trump even before he took office. Luckily, Pence and Trump make an incredible team, giving these vultures exactly what they deserve.

There is no doubt that Mike Pence deserved his place as part of the President’s cabinet picks. And with everything he does, or says, he just proves it even more that he is the right man to sit beside our new president.

He is amazing from the very start, when he took control of Trump’s transition team and cleared all the lobbyists. He shut the door for them for good by setting new rules which would deny any further influence in the new Administration.

Pence did in his first days what Obama has promised to do for years and never really took action.

Our new Vice-President gained the support of all patriots when he made an unannounced appearance at a WWII memorial. He chose to do it humbly and silently, respecting the real purpose of the memorial. He showed up there to honor the vets, not to draw attention to himself. From that moment, Americans knew they made the right choice when they trusted him with their votes.

Are you one of them? Answer this poll, and tell us how much you LIKE Vice President Mike Pence!



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