Bill Nye Embarrassed on Tucker Carlson’s Show… Regrets for Showing Up!


Even though Bill Nye and Bernie have already embarrassed themselves on a Live  Facebook event, that was not enough, so Bill Nye showed up on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Bill Nye is trying to persuade people to the extent where they have to accept his opinion. It seems like it didn’t go so easy this time.

After they introduced the subject, Carlson had the main question for Bill Nye.

“To what degree is climate changed caused by human activity? Is it a hundred percent caused by human activity, is it 74.3%? It’s “settled science,” please tell us to what degree human activity is responsible.”

“So the word ‘degree’ is a word that you chose,” Nye said, “but the speed that climate change is happening is caused by humans. Instead of happening on time-scales of millions of years, or let’s say, fifteen thousand years, it’s happening on a time-scale of decades, and now years.”

“To what extent is human activity responsible for speeding that up?” Carlson asked agaib before Nye could continue.

“A hundred percent!” said Nye. “If that’s the number you want. Humans are causing it to happen catastrophically fast.”

“OK so at what rate would it have changed without human activity?” asked Carlson. “You look annoyed that I’m asking these questions, but they’re very basic questions. They’re not denial.”

Here you can see the rest of the debate.

It is an absurd that Nye claims that climate change “deniers” have some kind of mental problem, reports Young Conservatives.

Tucker had a point that Nye didn’t see it coming, he indicated that, in fact Bill Nye is not a real scientist.

If you only spend some time on Google to search on this matter, you can find out that there is a lot more information than what Bill is telling.



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