Knoxville City Council Removes Veteran Memorial


The city council of Iowa have voted to get rid of a memorial of the fallen soldiers from a city park. The reason for that was a complaint by an atheist group, they were bothered that the memorial had a Christian cross on it. One day after the council voted to clear away the memorial, the people have voted to remove three of the council members.


In the week before the city officials had the vote, citizens had apparently cautioned the council members about the consequences: if they’d vote for removing the memorial, their political careers will be in jeopardy, reports I Have the Truth. The events were happening one after another, just like expected. A day after the council voted to get rid of the display was also election day. The people kept their promise  and voted three members out of office.


“It’ll be a true memorial to everybody, not just one. There`s no religious connotation to it. There’s no black, white, green. No race, creed, color designation, no gender designation,” It is pretty PC,” Spokesman Don Zoutte said.

Yet, an attorney of the man who put up the silhouette display says that there was nothing illegal about and it was so shameful that the city decided to take it down just because of a single complain.

“The Supreme Court just recently in the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial case made it very clear that crosses, when they’re part of a veteran’s memorial, depict the thousands of other crosses that mark American graves across the world, ” said Roger Byron of Liberty Institute.

“From the people to the leaders, not the leaders to the people!”

This is what  those officials deserved and they should learn that they are chosen to serve the people, instead of crossing lines. And if we fight for tolerance and acceptance, why the atheists couldn’t tolerate the religions?



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