Media Attack Conway For Doing THIS, Here’s What They Forget


President Trump met with the leaders of Historically Black College and Universities yesterday. It was a big and an important meeting, yet the press thought it would be better to write about someone’s feet being on the White House couch.

It’s hard to say which is worse – the media’s fake news or THIS. Instead of using the picture of President Trump with the heads of HBCU’s, they use the picture of KellyAnne Conway TAKING the picture, because f**k logic.

There are two things wrong here.

One, it’s silly to neglect important things and focus on this nonsense. Conservatives raging over Obama putting his feet on things were mocked by the same media complaining about KellyAnne Conway today, writes Louder With Crowder.

The second thing…let’s talk some more about the ‘fake news’. The President, called ‘racist’ numerous times by the media had a yuge meeting with black leaders, and the takeaway is if KellyAnne Conway should have taken her shoes off. If you keep doing stuff like this, don’t be upset when people call you ‘fake news’!


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