TRUMP Has NUKED NANCY PELOSI- She Will Never Recover From This!


Donald Trump was guest in the Fox and Friends and in the interview, President Trump emphasized something. He showed his disgust for Nancy Pelosi very directly.

When President Donald Trump got questioned about Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, his response was:

“I think she’s incompetent.”

After this, President Trump continued:

“Well I’ve been watching Nancy’s statements. I think she’s incompetent actually if you look what’s going on with the Democrats and the party it’s getting smaller and smaller. In a certain way I don’t like to see it because I like a two party system. And we’re soon going to have a one party system. I actually think a two party system is healthy and good. But she’s done a terrible job. I think she’s wrong. There are those who say I’ve done more than anyone in 100 days.”



This perhaps was a surprise for the hosts at Fox & Friends, so they put the segment on their Twitter account, to spread it more:



This is her opinion on all those who support Trump, and it is not nice!

Nasty Nancy Pelosi doesn’t deserve to be the Minority leader, with what she have said, reports Liberty Writers News. Maybe this should be the end of her political career because this woman really  is incompetent, as President Trump stated.



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