Emma Thompson And Greenpeace Protesters Got Sprayed With Poop For Trespassing On A Farmer’s Land [VIDEO]


A farmer had enough of Emma Thompson and Greenpeace protesters trespassing on his land, so he decided to give them a smelly surprise and get them to leave.

They were hosting a bake sale on the farmers land in spite of a court injunction telling them to stop.

As we’ve seen before, liberals think the law doesn’t apply to them. They do not care if they are in the way of a man making his living.

Officers from Lancashire Police attended the site and spoke to Thompson but took no action and made no arrests, so the outraged farmer took matters into his own hands.

This took place last summer, but it’s definitely worth watching! It’s never too late to see ignorant liberals get what they deserve.

Just watch: PRICELESS!

The angry farmer sprayed Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson and other protesters with manure, after they broke a court injunction to stage a protest against fracking on his land.

Ms Thompson and her sister Sophie entered a field on the Lancashire farm, where energy company Cuadrilla is planning to frack for shale gas, and baked renewable energy-themed cakes in a Greenpeace-backed protest stunt, violating the injunction banning protesters from the land near Preston since 2014.

Emma Thompson said she was staging the so-called “Frack Free Bake Off” in order to “show the government that we will not allow fracking to scar our countryside and fuel yet more climate change”.

This would be in place if it wasn’t planned by this eco-terrorist organization, who has destroyed property in many places, including an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In order to motivate greater government support for renewable-energy sources to battle the human-caused climate change hoax, they walked into a “strictly prohibited” area where the Nazca Lines are located in Peru and laid big, yellow cloth letters that read, “Time for change; the future is renewable,” reports Joe For America.

They keep claiming they’re fighting to preserve the heritage, but they are the ones who have been destroying it.


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