Even Charles Krauthammer Compliments Trump after Congress – “Without a Doubt the Best Speech”



Charles Krauthammer has sometimes criticized President Trump previously, reports Conservative101. Nevertheless,he totally adored President Trump’s speech to Congress and gave him some credit for it.

“This is without a doubt the best speech he ever gave. In fact, this should have been his inaugural address.”

Then Krauthammer continued:

“It would have actually had an effect on the launch of his presidency and vastly reduced the hysteria that has emerged in the country on the left from the disappointed Democrats in reaction to this president.”

“You know, the negativity — the attacks on the press, on his opponent, on Hillary on all these things he has been doing for a month all disappeared and what was left was a very statesmanlike speech, straightforward about what he wanted to do, what he wants to do it, and he put all of the things in terms that were sort of acceptable, radical, almost mainstream,” said Krauthammer.

“For instance, you know, NATO. He came right out and said we believe in NATO. He added that everybody has the chip in, but it was not done in a dark or accusatory way,” he added.

“So, if he can — if this is the presidency of Trump, I think he will succeed. If this is an aberration, just a job performance, he will not. But this is the standard that I think he is now set for himself. As an American, I hope he lives up to it,” claimed Krauthammer.

It seems like he started to recognize the good heart of President Trump and the reasons for his policies. You can check out the video here:




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