Father Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Immigrant Has A Message To All Democrats


Jamiel Shaw, Sr. is the father of a son who was killed by an illegal immigrant. He was a guest speaker at Trump’s first speech to Congress last night and opened up his heart and mind about the antics that the Democrats have been using.

Trump’s speech was amazing, and even Democrats had to admit that he did an incredible job. But when the President discussed the families that were killed by illegal immigrants, Democrats revealed their true faces and booed him and gave him ‘thumbs down’.

Here’s what Shaw had to say about that:


Ignorant Democrats are in a desperate need of a reality check. Nancy Pelosi saying that we need to provide immigrants a pathway to citizenship, it just proves how clueless they are when it comes to what American people really want, especially when it comes to illegal immigration, reports Yes I’m Right.

HERE’s what Americans think about all of this:


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