President Trump Attempting to Close Down BLM and Give Back Respect to Our Officers

MARSHALLTOWN, IA - JANUARY 26: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the press prior to a rally on January 26, 2016 in Marshalltown, Iowa. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the anti-immigration sheriff from Maricopa County, Arizona, today announced his support for Trump's presidential bid. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Black Lives Matter is a group that supports and protects, but they also throw over the guilt to white people. They have called for the death of local cops, have been making streets unsafe and tried to protect criminals from getting punished.

President Trump has been concerned about this matter and recently Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that Obama’s “tactic of suing police departments for violating the civil rights of minorities” will be put away, reports Angry Patriot Movement. Even though police officers protect us from the criminals, they are being attacked and sued for doing so, only because of Obama’s administration and their decisions for putting them at risk.


During a meeting of the nation’s state attorney generals, Sessions said:

“This administration will not rush to judgement, will not assume an officer is guilty, and will not sue departments. Our officers are trained and certified to do their jobs and have a code to uphold — they do not and should not discriminate.”

“We need, so far as we can, to help police departments get better, not diminish their effectiveness. And I’m afraid we’ve done some of that,” he continued.

The fact of the matter is that the actions of Obama and made an environment where our police officers are hesitant to act, mainly because they do not feel safe at work and for doing their obligations.  This is a solid ground for hurting all our citizens, and among them the people BLM pretends to support. The crime active neighborhoods need efficient instead of afraid police force.

As Sessions have claimed, there should be investigation whenever there is questionable incident involving the police. It will be done without the leftist propaganda, so that the subject can be cleaned from bottom.


Actually, the BLM separate the people based on their skin color and make more people at risk. It looks like they are the racists after all. Thankfully, Sessions is reversing Obama’s ignorant agenda and healing this nation again.


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