Democrat Senator Defends Sessions: Meeting Ambassadors is Part of the Job. Have you expected this?


On Thursday, Senator Joe Manchin told Alisyn Camerota that it not unusual for senators to meet with ambassadors from other countries. He said said that meeting the foreign ambassadors were part of the usual work of senators on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And Manchin, opposite to his fellow Democrats confirmed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was a member of the committee prior to becoming attorney general, reports Western Journalism.

On Thursday, it was also told that Sessions did not mention the matter of the meetings with Russia’s ambassador in the United States last autumn. So, during his confirmation hearing when he was asked about contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia,he did not mention the meetings because they had no campaign relation.

“Have you met with the Russian Ambassador?” Camerota asked Manchin.

“I have,” he answered. “I’ve met with the Russian Ambassador with a group, in my capacity, with a group of other senators,” he explained. “That’s in my official capacity. That’s nothing. That’s my job.”

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Manchin claimed that communication with Russia is very important.

“In my official capacity as a member of the Armed Services (Committee), wanting to understand the people we have and the people we do business with in a country that I think is the most dangerous country to the United States of America, Russia, you better see if you can some discourse to talk about,” he said.

“Somehow, you have to have some kind of communications,” he added.

“I voted for him because I did trust him, absolutely,” he said, later adding, “If it comes down to he lied, then there’s no way that Jeff can continue on.”

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