Fire At Trump International Hotel


A fire in Trump International Hotel stole America’s attention and made headlines. The devastating news were all over the media, and people, shocked, couldn’t stop talking about the incident. This was totally unexpected, and it wasn’t something that happens often in Trump’s hotels. The story was first speculated to be a mysterious incident with hidden intention, but it was soon discovered that it’s just an accident. It wasn’t that serious, but even the smallest fire can scare people, considering it’s destructive nature.

The fire broke in one of the apartment under construction in the Trump International Hotel and Tower on Columbus Circle. Reporters saw the whole thing, and were able to witness the story firsthand and to inform on every detail.

The incident started somewhere around 4:12am on the 47th floor of a 52-story building at 1 Central Park West. People immediately started panicking, since the fire broke instantly and unexpectedly. It all started with a sparkle, caused by a machinery malfunction in one of the apartments, confirmed the authorities.

Part of the building was evacuated, but everything was already under control at 5:20am. The upper floors were vented to prevent any further complications. There was no bigger damage, and just one person sought intervention for smoke inhalation, reports World Politicus. Fire investigators are looking into what happened, but have said they are no longer treating it as suspicious.

The 166-apartment condo tower was constructed in 1996 and it’s 64th tallest building in New York. It offers hotel-style services, health club, pool, sauna, steam room, and many other amazing features, as explained by Trump International Realty.

The area from 23rd to 52nd floor is occupied by residents. They have a private entrance on Central Park West.

This is the first incident in the history of the building, and hopefully it won’t happen again.


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