Krauthammer Says “There Is Not A Scintilla Of Evidence” For Accusing Sessions


Charles Krauthammer have just crumbled Democrats in their demand to get Jeff Sessions impeached. He gave arguments on how Sessions did nothing wrong by talking to Russians, because that was a part of his job at the time.

“There is not a scintilla of evidence of improper contacts, or collaboration, or working with the Russians, or doing something that they shouldn’t have done. So, that leaves you with the question that’s at the heart of this, why would they not — why would Sessions, — why did Flynn never admit to the meeting that he had and the discussion of sanctions?” said Krauthammer.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. And now with Sessions, why didn’t he simply correct the record? Surely, he said he had two aides in the meeting in his office. So, the aides must have told him, or his scheduler, yes, you did have a meeting. Why didn’t he just admit it? What’s the problem?” he additionally asked.

“And that’s the question of the root of all this. It gives the impression there was something improper, and yet there’s no evidence of it,” he said.

Krauthammer commented that even though their is no evidence that Sessions did anything wrong, he could have reacted in the situation differently. For instance in a way that would have made him look less suspicious, reports Conservative101.

“It’s a complicated case. Because there’s certainly a plausible excuse for the Sessions actions, the ones he presented today. But the problem with all of this is, that he’s had several weeks since that incident. If that’s all it was, an innocent mistake, and he forgot about the meeting, he should simply have gone to the committee, written them, and said, as he said in his press conference, I should have added, yes, I had two meetings,” said Krauthammer.


You can check out more of what he said in the video below.



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