Voter IDs Will Be Required For Everyone From Now On!


The liberals are highly convinced that America’s system doesn’t work under Donald Trump and that the country should take other systems under consideration, including the ones of Canada or any European country.

This should actually scare the liberals since the listed countries are pretty much oriented towards the right. 

The liberals have directed their main focus to voter I.D.

In their minds, the ID is not supposed to be required when voting, because it is a document that’s hard to get anyway. Do you sense the hypocrisy?

Still, it is also wise for the liberals to learn that in Canada and every other European country, IDs are mandatory when voting. Actually, these are the strictest laws there are.  

Most of all, this is not an issue at all- this is a standard and normal procedure.

This is merely an effort by the liberals to make the Republicans look bad and to impose a problem on this administration that is not a problem elsewhere in the world. Pretty absurd, right? 

To handle this ‘issue’ properly, Donald Trump has once again addressed the ID matter.

As of now, The U.S. Justice Department will drop the six-year-old claim that Texas has brought a law that requires voter ID because they want to discriminate the minorities.

People are especially aware of new U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is expected to insist on asking for ID photo license, which the liberals think will prevent the minorities to vote.

Matt Palumbo stated:

The Justice Department is expected to officially lay out their new position during a hearing tomorrow. AG Jeff Sessions favors voter ID laws, but specifies only those “properly drafted.”

The overwhelming amount of voters agree across the political spectrum, with 80 percent support for voter ID laws, and only 18 percent opposed.

Nowadays, IDs are the most crucial document one has to have in orde to function properly or do most things.

The fact that the liberals oppose this just so they can get the immigrants’ support in any political decision is simply outrageous. America relies on laws that are not made to be broken, and Donald Trump will certainly not back down from carrying them out.

It is time to think who has America’s best interest at heart!

What do you think about IDs? Are they essential when voting?