Americans Organize Pro-Trump Rally And Bikers March To Show Their Support


It’s simply amazing to see that despite the liberal lies and propaganda, the nation is proudly cheering for our President and showing their support for everything he has done. It is without a doubt a wonderful way to start the day, seeing thousands of Americans marching in a pro-Trump rally in Raleigh, NC.

The rally and the march happened at the perfect moment – just when the news of the Obama administration wiretapping the Trump Tower in NYC erupted. It was a desperate moment in which the POTUS needed every bit of support he could get from his beloved American patriots. And his fans didn’t let him down – they organized a rally and a biker march to show everyone that they will always be there for him.

In this heart-warming event, the President got to see what he means to the people, and how much they cherish having him to lead them forward into a better future.

Take a look at the bikers march below:

The idea of the march was to show unity in the face of “a seditious fringe” trying to sabotage President Trump’s vision for the country. But we are not afraid – this proves that all over the country, the President is loved and supported, and every evil plan is going to fail.

Trump’s supporters have been holding rallies in these past few recent weeks as a response to the leftist demonstrations against him, such as women’s arches, and protest about his executive order halting acceptance of refugees and temporary ban of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, reports USA Newsflash.


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