Mike Pence Asks The AP For An Apology After His Wife’s Email Was Released!


It takes a lot to get Vice President Mike Pence annoyed and angry. However, who else if not the liberals, managed to get the worst out of the VP.

Mike Pence demanded that the AP applogizes to him on Saturday in a very well-though Twitter post. As we learned, Pence’s wife Karen’s private email was released by the AP and it became available for the wider public.

Pence released a letter in which he asks the AP to remove his wife’s email, but this hasn’t happened so far.

Now Pence is asking for an appology.

Regrading the matter, Paoletta said, Mrs. Pence was subjected to “vitriolic and malicious emails and raised serious security concerns.”

“There was absolutely no reason to publish this private email address, and you should be ashamed of your reprehensible conduct,” Paoletta added.

The media are not allowed to ever publish the private emails of politicians, and especially those of their family members.

The AP acted in a very direspectful manner for not taking down the published email.

It is obvious that the media don’t care about anyone but their own people.

Pence is definitely right to act in the way he did, and the fact that he is a top target for the liberals doesn’t give them the right to do this.

Also, Hillary Clinton found herself in a similar situation but the only difference is that the media never reported on this and most importantly- Clinton’s emails exposed all her crimes that had a lot to do with revealing the nation’s top secrets.

Do you think Pence is right to act in such way?