Tom Perez Appointed DNC Leader, Sanders’ Fan Furious!


The next DNC leader is still a great mystery among the Democrats, with the last leader being fired from position not too long ago. The interim leader was also dismissed from the Committee.

This party has been standing on shaky ground for quite some time now, and no one seems interested in taking over their criminal structure.

Many names have surfaced as potential candidates, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison.

However, the DNC may have set their minds to someone we wouldn’t expect.

The brand new name in the DNC’s rows is former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez who was elected on Saturday. Donald Trump was the first to congratulate him, while Perez wasn’t having it.

Things began to spiral out of control with the Democrats throwing punches via the social media directed towards Perez.

These people are mostly Berne Sanders’ dissatisfied fans who expected anyone but Perez to be appointed.

Here is what the president had to say regarding the matter:

The DNC is well aware that Tom Perez was working hard to undermine Sanders during the primaries.

This may be hard on the DNC, to deal with such resentment from their own rows. but, hey, they dug their own graves, and now tey will suffer the consequences.

There is not a light at the end of the tunnel for the Democrats at this point, which clearly speaks of their poor unity tactics.

Do you think that Sanders’ supporters are right to be angry?