Obama Secret Service Agent And Mark Levin Weigh In On ObamaGate


Obama’s web of lies and secrets is slowly entangling, ans it’s becoming clear that his administration was working to take down Trump even before his legendary win in the 2016 presidential election.

We all know that Obama was behind the removal of Mike Flynn, but these latest leaks reveal even bigger, darker schemes Obama has been plotting.

The situation is now being referred to as ObamaGate and the mainstream media is clearly on their heels, reports Young Conservatives.

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, is digging up the dirt of the former Obama administration, and he says he is just ‘warming up’:

Considering all that is going on right now with Obama wiretapping scandal, this might just be the drop that will spill the cup. Dan Bongino was in the middle of the events during Obama’s run in the White House, so he first-handed witnessed everything that went down and knows exactly how it went down.

Here’s Mark Levin’s viral video about the details of the allegations:

Obama has yet to respond to any of the allegations against him, but we’re sure he’ll wait until anything is totally proven. But still, it will be exciting to see him walk on hot coals in the next few days and weeks. This is a good time to be a republican as it seems the Democrat Party is counting down its final days.

It is about time the world sees what a fraud the Obama Administration was and how much damage they’ve done to our country. Fortunately, those terrible eight years have passed, and we must make sure they never happen again.


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